A Deeper Look into the 4 Pillars of Our Brand

November 7, 2022


At cultivare, we seek to cultivate the communities we are immersed in. Beginning with our  fast-casual, health forward culinary offerings, from our nourishing salads to signature rolls, and emanating into our day to day operations. However, food is only the tip of our iceberg.

Ultimately, we desire one thing: to create meaningful experiences, relationships and spaces that encourage a healthy-lifestyle rooted in balance. We aim to eliminate tradeoffs. Eating healthy does not have to mean losing flavor and craveability. Career growth does not have to mean losing personal freedoms. Our success does not have to mean someone else’s failure. 

We seek to be a positive force for all. Interested to see what that looks like beyond the surface? Here’s a deeper look into the 4 pillars of our brand and what we seek to cultivate in our operations —

cultivating nutritious and flavor-forward meals

It is our aim to create balanced, nourishing meals that do not sacrifice flavor to create healthy offerings. Our brand is health-forward without being restrictive on what we encourage our guests to eat and enjoy. Instead we seek to be creative in our offerings and how we develop balance amongst the good and bad. Good food that’s good for you doesn’t limit your options but opens a world to new, exciting combinations and flavors.

We seek to cultivate food that is not only delicious but good for the body and soul.

cultivating inviting spaces for dining, work and leisure

Our space invokes the minimalism our brand was founded on. We wanted to design a space that is approachable, not-overly designed and creates a sense of ease when entered. The layout of our space was built with all people in mind: whether you join us for a quick fifteen-minute lunch or treat us as your office for the day. 

We seek to cultivate an inviting, well-designed space for dining, work and leisure.

cultivating people via opportunities for our staff and consumers

We are nothing without our people. Our success is the result of the energy, efforts, intelligence and eagerness of our team. Our emphasis is always first on our people and their best interest motivates the decisions we make.

Our success brings with it incredible opportunities for personal growth of all of our people. We encourage an environment where our people are challenged to be more today than they were yesterday. We are building a platform upon which countless individuals can better themselves, their environments and their well being. Through this growth, we foster lasting and meaningful relationships.

Within cultivare, the collective is stronger than the individual. When we win, we win as a team and we empower all those who are a part of it. We pick each other up and we put others - our teammates, our guests and our community - above all else.

We seek to cultivate opportunities for our people to grow in ways they did not think possible.

cultivating relationships between food producers & patrons

Community partnerships are integral to our brand and carrying out the vision we have for cultivare. From working with local farmers who are cultivating local soil to emerging and renowned chefs cultivating our broader, world-class food scene — community is ingrained in our brand dna. 

We seek to cultivate impactful relationships between local farmers, chefs, artisans and our patrons.

To see a full list of our current and past community partners, head here. If you would like to help us cultivate Kansas City in our mission, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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