farm to market bread co.

farm to market bread co.


Kansas City born. Kansas City bread. Since 1993, Farm to Market Bread Co. has been baking quality, all natural bread in the heart of Kansas City. It is a family owned and locally-operated bakery that delivers fresh bread to grocery stores and restaurants every day.

It uses time-honored methods like maintaining starter cultures, using natural ingredients, long fermentation processes, hand forming, and baking in a hearth oven to create a fresh, high-quality end product.

We’ve transformed its French baguette into crunchy Italian-style croutons. These can be found on our menu in the Little Italy and Bok Choy Caesar as well as an add-on to any salad or bowl.

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farm to market bread co.

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Italian Croutons

Italian Croutons

farm to market bread co.

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Little Italy

Spring Mix, Kalamata Olive, Sliced Pepperoncinis, Tomato, Red Onion, Micro Basil, Shaved Parmesan, Crispy Pepperoni, Italian Croutons

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